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“Remember, any bobbleheads we create must surprise their receiver and bring a big smile to their face”, my grandfather always used to say. My name is Li Chengcai (Bobblehead Lee) and I’ve been handcrafting bobbleheads for 20 years now, working my best to preserve my grandfather’s legacy and honor his words. A legacy of making people happy, and creating smiles with our own hands.
When I was 20 years old, I learned how to make a bobblehead with my grandfather. And his working process was always filled with kindness and wise words: “There are stories hidden behind every photo we receive from our customers. You should try to imagine their feelings and try to feel them yourself, let them touch your heart and try to understand them. Then carve out the stories with all your soul, and give your everything to create the best bobblehead”.
In 2016, I set up “Gift of Dove” a crafting studio in Dongguan, China (100 km away from Hong Kong), and decided to offer my fun bobbleheads to customers all over the world, by creating an online platform where people can customize and order the heads they want.
“Gift of Dove” offers the highest quality standards in both our products and customer service. Every member of our team has at least 8 years of working experience, and great education and training. We manage to manufacture and sell 20,000 bobbleheads. While we must compete on a market that is overflown with low-quality mass-produced items, we vow to spare no effort in providing the best service and the best quality. Our high-quality bobbleheads will shake their heads thousands of times, and be with you through everything. All we want is to see our customers happy and having fun!
Each time I receive a photo from a client, along with a custom order, I’m already imagining them being happy when receiving the lovely bobblehead representation that we crafted for them. Creating bobbleheads and making people happy is the driving force that fuels my creative spirit and keeps me going!

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