About Us


1. What we do

As a specialized sculpture studio,Giftofdove has been committed to providing our customers with the latest custom bobblehead. When the studio was found, our aim was to create interesting and unique bobbles for our customers. After years in development, we have crafted thousands of types of personalized bobbles. Thanks to the artists who have been keeping on top of the new trends and constantly searching for special items, our product line has been expanded to include various types of unique designs. As a result, we have developed a series of very interesting new models, especially at sport and wedding series. In addition to making bobbles as personal gifts, we also make them as corporate gifts, annual party gifts, sports awards and promotion gifts. To our customers, every doll is unique and meaningful.

 2. Our team

Design and craft industry requires very professional designers and artisans. In this condition, we strive to develop artists for both product design and sculpture. Over the years, we now have built a strong group of skilled artists carving detailed bobbles for every customer. From apprentice to experienced sculptors, our employees have been trained with overall program in comfortable working environment. This way, our products are carefully crafted after sculptors have carefully observed them. In addition to these skilled artists, we also have professional customer service. They patiently answer customer’s questions and follow-up your order to insure it is under our control. Grateful to these dedicated employees, Giftofdove has gained good reputation and won numerous customer satisfaction.

 3. Our products

As a long standing personalized gift, Giftofdove has been highly welcomed by customers around the world, especially in North America. To make it a funnier gift, we added flexible custom elements and diverse topics on our bobbles, making our products particularly popular with clients. Over the years, we have invested lots of time and energy in the sports, beach and weddings to achieve a completion of themes. With these diverse products, our customers have more choices and customization space. It makes each gift a unique souvenir.

 4. Guarantee

The likeness of the doll makes it a high quality and funny gift for the one you want to surprise. As long as the reference photos are clear enough to see the facial features, the artists are always able to ensure the likeness of the product. Because the artists have years of experience in carving, they can easily capture facial features of the person and sculpt those features with skillful hands. Of course, in some cases, due to the light and angle problems of the photos, the artist might meet some difficulties doing so. In this case, we can have the product modified until the customer is satisfied.