Anniversary Couple In The Garden Custom Bobbleheads

Anniversary Couple In The Garden Custom Bobbleheads

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  • $189.90


 •Only the head is customized, and the body is made according to the product pictures!

•The Stationary Head can make for any hairstyles, and the Bobble Head hair can only be designed to the shoulder.

•Giftofdove Bobblehead Free Accessories

•Small accessories on the promised product will not charge any extra fees, such as helmets, hats, glasses, sunglasses, base inscription,etc.

 •Giftofdove Bobblehead Proofing Service

•Proofing is the utmost important process to ensure the best likeness and highest quality of your custom bobbleheads, you will have a 100% satisfactory proofing service. Please, check the inbox of your email account regularly after purchasing


•Giftofdove Bobblehead Material

•We use polymer clay that meets the highest industry standards, it's a non-toxic, multi-color, and environmentally friendly convertible material that makes your bobblehead very alive-looking.



•Giftofdove Bobblehead craft and details



•Customize a unique gift today





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