1:What is a good photo?

Make sure your photo has good lighting – enough to see the details of your loved one’s face, but not so much that their face is too bright to see. Darker photos make it hard for our designers to capture the details!

2:How long does it take to receive my bobblehead?

When the product is well finished, our mission is to deliver the package safely and timely. To ensure safety, we use the filler in packaging to protect the doll and pack it in a cardboard carton. By cooperating with a reliable shipping company, all our products could be shipped to every corner of the world with a sculpting&shipping time of 20-40 working days. The sculpting time starts after all details of the project are clear and confirmed (in some cases, mock-ups are needed to specify all details before we start with the sculpting process).

3:What payment options do you offer? Are they really safe and secure?

We offer payment by PayPal and all types of credit/debit cards. We don’t process or collect any of your sensitive financial information on our website but re-direct you to 100% secure and safe third-party processors, like PayPal, 2Checkout.com or CCNOW. The highly secured servers of these specialized processing companies process millions of transactions daily and we can guarantee that your financial information (such as credit card numbers) will be 100% safe.

4:What is proofing?

We will send you in-progress preview photos of your bobblehead during the creation stages. You are able to suggest changes to our artists after you have viewed these proofs. This procedure ensures that you will be fully satisfied with the final outcome.But please keep in mind that the shipping date of your doll is directly affected by the amount of changes required on your bobblehead.

5:Do you use 3D printing, or are your bobblehead sculpted by hand?

3D printing could theoretically be used to produce dolls that have a high level of likeness. However, this would entail a full face/body scan at the producer’s facilities. Processes that involve 3D printing from photos are not superior to hand-sculpting as the photos do not provide sufficient details for these machines. Amazing Bobblehead therefore uses only the most talented artists on this planet to create your doll. Human artists are able to provide an artistic touch to the creation process and can even use photos that are not perfect, while still ensuring a great outcome!

6:Will my bobblehead look exactly like the photo?

Bobblehead are also known as a 3D cartoonization. This means that the dolls will resemble the person in the photo but with a slight cartoon effect, which is normally added by the artist. This cartoon effect is what makes this product so popular as an amazingly funny and unusual gift. An exact replication of the person's features is not always possible, because photos sometimes fail to capture the true nature of someone’s face. However, our artists will create your figurine with a very high degree of resemblance.

7:What materials are used?

We use a type of nontoxic, polychrome and transformable material named polymer clay, which can make your bobble head very colorful and alive-looking. We do not need paint the custom bobblehead the colour won't fade away and rub off. Many other supplier use cheap poly resin to make the bobblehead, and they paint it head-to-toe, which make it very crude. You can find the advantages of our custom bobblehead by the following details.


8:What if I don’t like my bobblehead? Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We will refund your money if you decide at any time during the creation process (pre-shipping) that you don’t like your bobblehead. Only a 40% cancellation fee applies to avoid non-serious “fun orders”. No refunds are possible after you have approved and received your bobblehead.

Sculpting, especially when the subject is a human, is a very subjective process. It is an art, not science. Since all the sculpting is done based on photographs (which may or may not be good reproduction of the subject), the quality of the photo provided is very important in achieving a good result. But even with a good photo, because of the subjectivity involved with the art of sculpting, some people may see a strong resemblance with the person, while others may not. With a good photo however, we should be able to obtain a good resemblance with our specially-trained artists.

9:What are standard bodies, and what exactly is 100% custom made?

Standard bodies are pre-made stock bodies. You can personalize them by changing a stock body's color and of course adding your head on top. 100% custom made bobblehead will have not only your head but also your complete body, all sculpted based on your photos and requirements. You can even add your head to any body style you like.


10:Do you ship anywhere in the world?

Yes, we offer low shipping rates worldwide. There are no extra fees for the shipping of our products to any worldwide location! Many of our customers purchase our custom bobblehead as gifts, often for family and friends who are living abroad. Our flat rate shipping provides a great way to save on such international deliveries.

*Please note: The recipient of an International shipment may be subject to a value-added tax (VAT) or import taxes, customs duties, and fees levied by the destination country.

These charges must be paid for by the recipient. giftofdove.com has no control over these charges, nor can we predict what they might be.